Date of birth:
Club/team: Arkansas
4 x 400m NCAA Champion 2023
4 x 400m NCAA Champion 2013
4 x 400m NCAA Indoor Champion 2023
4 x 400m NCAA Indoor Champion 2022
Medley Relay NCAA Indoor Champion 2014
Distance Medley NCAA Indoor Champion 2022
Distance Medley NCAA Indoor Champion 2015
4 x 400m World Indoor Alltime no. 2 3:21.75A Albuquerque NM 11 Mar 2023


Personal bests in BOLD.

4 x 100m
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
1999  45.89w    3r1Athens GA16 May
2000  44.67w    1Fayetteville AR22 Apr
2001  45.58w    8Columbia SC13 May
2007  44.67w    1Tucson AZ24 Mar
2011  44.32w    2Athens GA15 May
2012  44.01w    1Fayetteville AR4 May
2013  44.63w    1San Marcos TX23 Mar
2014  44.68w    2Fayetteville AR5 Apr
2016  43.84w    4s1Eugene OR9 Jun
2017  43.34w    2s2Eugene OR8 Jun
2018  43.26w    3Knoxville TN13 May
2019  42.65w    1h1Austin TX6 Jun
2021  43.46w    2h3College Station TX29 May
2022  43.87w    5Austin TX26 Mar
2023  42.83w    4Austin TX10 Jun
2024  43.13w    1rBGainesville FL13 Apr
4 x 200m
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2007  1:33.23w    1h3Des Moines IA27 Apr
2012  1:33.04w    4Austin TX31 Mar
4 x 400m
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2001  3:35.50w    2Columbia SC13 May
2005  3:37.30w    8Bloomington IN28 May
2006  3:28.78w    3Sacramento CA10 Jun
2007  3:31.91w    3Tuscaloosa AL13 May
2009  3:36.38w    1rBLouisville KY30 May
2010  3:31.03w    1h3Austin TX29 May
2011  3:28.63w    1Des Moines IA30 Apr
2012  3:29.54w    2h2Des Moines IA7 Jun
2013  3:27.09w    1Eugene OR8 Jun
2014  3:29.58w    3Lexington KY18 May
2016  3:25.48w    1h2Lawrence KS28 May
2017  3:32.11w    4Baton Rouge LA29 Apr
2018  3:31.15w    7Knoxville TN13 May
2019  3:25.89w    2Austin TX8 Jun
2021  3:26.63w    1Austin TX27 Mar
2022  3:22.55w    3Oxford MS14 May
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2000  3:36.46iw    9Fayetteville AR11 Mar
2008  3:34.66iw    2r2Fayetteville AR15 Mar
2015  3:28.70iw    2Fayetteville AR14 Mar
2020  3:32.63iw    1Fayetteville AR21 Feb
2023  3:21.75Aiw    1Albuquerque NM11 Mar
2024  3:25.59iw    1Fayetteville AR27 Jan
4 x 800m
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2017  8:33.97w    1Baton Rouge LA28 Apr
4 x 1500m
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2018  17:46.87w    2Fayetteville AR27 Apr
2019  27:43.99w    Herlev15 May



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4 x 100m
Winstreak: 2 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor42.65    Austin TX6 Jun 2019
4 x 200m
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor1:33.04    Austin TX31 Mar 2012
4 x 400m
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor3:22.55    Oxford MS14 May 2022
Indoor3:21.75A    Albuquerque NM11 Mar 2023
4 x 800m
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor8:33.97    Baton Rouge LA28 Apr 2017
4 x 1500m
Outdoor17:46.87    Fayetteville AR27 Apr 2018


4 x 400m, 10 best results (legal):
3:21.75Ai  1Albuquerque NM11 Mar 2023
3:22.55   3Oxford MS14 May 2022
3:23.69   3Eugene OR11 Jun 2022
3:24.05   1Austin TX10 Jun 2023
3:24.09i  1College Station TX26 Feb 2022
3:24.45   2Austin TX1 Apr 2023
3:25.16   1h1Fayetteville AR28 May 2022
3:25.48   1h2Lawrence KS28 May 2016
3:25.59i  1Fayetteville AR27 Jan 2024
3:25.89   2Austin TX8 Jun 2019
Average: 3:24.27

4 x 100m, 10 best results (legal):
42.65   1h1Austin TX6 Jun 2019
42.79   3Austin TX8 Jun 2019
42.83   4Austin TX10 Jun 2023
43.03   1h3Sacramento CA27 May 2023
43.10   4s2Austin TX8 Jun 2023
43.13   1rBGainesville FL13 Apr 2024
43.26   3Knoxville TN13 May 2018
43.34   2s2Eugene OR8 Jun 2017
43.40   1Fayetteville AR24 Mar 2018
43.46   2h3College Station TX29 May 2021
Average: 43.099

Distance Medley, 10 best results (legal):
10:51.37i  1Birmingham AL11 Mar 2022
10:51.89i  1Fayetteville AR13 Mar 2015
10:56.15i  4Brighton MA8 Mar 2024
10:56.61Ai  2Albuquerque NM10 Mar 2023
10:56.85i  5Birmingham AL8 Mar 2019
10:57.19i  2Fayetteville AR12 Mar 2021
10:59.22i  5Birmingham AL11 Mar 2016
11:00.23i  3Fayetteville AR9 Mar 2013
11:10.41i  11College Station TX10 Mar 2017
11:14.38i  2College Station TX25 Feb 2018
Average: 10:59.43

Total results in db: 304

By event:

4 x 100m:71
4 x 200m:3
4 x 400m:210
4 x 800m:1
4 x 1500m:3
Medley Relay:1
Sprint Medley:1
Distance Medley:14

IN 2024

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junior list position in green and youth list position in orange.
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4 x 100m
1rBGainesville FLGainesville FL13 Apr 
 Ariane Linton, Rosey Effiong,
Kaylyn Brown, Amber Anning
1Fayetteville ARFayetteville AR19 Apr 
 Amber Anning, Kaylyn Brown,
Rosey Effiong, Ariane Linton
4 x 400m
1Fayetteville ARFayetteville AR12 Jan 
 Rosey Effiong, Rachel Glenn,
Nickisha Pryce, Shawnti Jackson
2Fayetteville ARFayetteville AR12 Jan 
 Amber Anning, Joanne Reid,
Sanu Jallow, Kaylyn Brown
1rDFayetteville ARFayetteville AR27 Jan 
 Joanne Reid, Rachel Glenn,
Ashanti Denton, Ariane Linton
1Fayetteville ARFayetteville AR27 Jan 
 Rosey Effiong, Amber Anning,
Nickisha Pryce, Sanu Jallow
1Fayetteville ARFayetteville AR10 Feb 
 Ashanti Denton, Shawnti Jackson,
Sanu Jallow, Joanne Reid
NCAABrighton MANCAA, Brighton MA9 Mar 
 Kaylyn Brown, Joanne Reid,
Sanu Jallow, Rosey Effiong
1hTexasRAustin TXTexasR, Austin TX29 Mar 
 Amber Anning, Rosey Effiong,
Nickisha Pryce, Sanu Jallow
5TexasRAustin TXTexasR, Austin TX30 Mar 
 Kaylyn Brown, Amber Anning,
Nickisha Pryce, Rosey Effiong
1TexasRAustin TXTexasR, Austin TX30 Mar 
 Ashanti Denton, Sanu Jallow,
Joanne Reid, Ariane Linton
1rCGainesville FLGainesville FL13 Apr 
 Joanne Reid, Sanu Jallow,
Ariane Linton, Ashanti Denton
1Gainesville FLGainesville FL13 Apr 
 Amber Anning, Kaylyn Brown,
Rachel Glenn, Aaliyah Pyatt
Distance Medley
4NCAABrighton MANCAA, Brighton MA8 Mar 
 Mia Cochran, Joanne Reid,
Sanu Jallow, Tiana Lostracco


2000Outdoor4 x 100m5444.67
2000Outdoor4 x 400m803:38.81
2000Indoor4 x 400m143:36.46
2001Outdoor4 x 400m493:35.50
2005Outdoor4 x 400m833:37.30
2006Outdoor4 x 400m173:28.78
2006Indoor4 x 400m173:33.72
2007Outdoor4 x 100m6044.67
2007Outdoor4 x 200m51:33.23
2007Outdoor4 x 400m313:31.91
2008Outdoor4 x 400m623:35.40
2008Indoor4 x 400m123:34.66
2009Outdoor4 x 400m753:36.38
2009Indoor4 x 400m73:35.18
2010Outdoor4 x 400m313:31.03
2011Outdoor4 x 100m5544.32
2011Outdoor4 x 400m203:28.63
2011Indoor4 x 400m33:30.08
2012Outdoor4 x 100m4444.01
2012Outdoor4 x 200m51:33.04
2012Outdoor4 x 400m253:29.54
2012Indoor4 x 400m83:32.75
2013Outdoor4 x 100m7844.63
2013Outdoor4 x 400m83:27.09
2013Indoor4 x 400m53:29.60
2014Outdoor4 x 100m8744.68
2014Outdoor4 x 400m213:29.58
2014Indoor4 x 400m153:34.45A
2023Outdoor4 x 100m1642.83
2023Outdoor4 x 400m83:24.05
2023Indoor4 x 400m13:21.75A
2024Outdoor4 x 100m943.13
2024Outdoor4 x 400m43:26.10
2024Indoor4 x 400m33:25.59