Chase Ealey USA   
Date of birth: 20 July 94
Age: 28 years 248 days
Club/team: USA
Shot Put World Champion 2022
Shot Put World Indoor Silver Medallist 2022
Shot Put 7th at World Championships 2019
5 National Titles
Hammer Throw World Alltime no. 2532 56.00 Tucson AZ 9 Apr 2016
Shot Put World Alltime no. 49 20.51 Eugene OR 26 Jun 2022
Shot Put World Indoor Alltime no. 37 20.21 Beograd 18 Mar 2022


Personal bests in BOLD.

Shot Put
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2013  16.01w    6Waco TX4 May
2014  15.59w    1Fayetteville AR2 May
2015  17.39w    3Ames IA16 May
2016  18.46w    7Eugene OR7 Jul
2017  17.79w    4Tucson AZ18 May
2018  17.78w    3Tucson AZ17 May
2019  19.68w    2Zürich29 Aug
2020  19.41w    1Rathdrum ID1 Aug
2021  19.45w    1Mission Viejo CA18 Jul
2022  20.51w   1Eugene OR26 Jun
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2013  15.80iw    1Manhattan KS19 Jan
2014  15.86iw    4Ames IA1 Mar
2015  16.71iw    1Manhattan KS24 Jan
2016  17.63iw    1Fayetteville AR13 Feb
2017  17.60Aiw    5Albuquerque NM5 Mar
2018  17.57Aiw    4Albuquerque NM17 Feb
2019  18.84Aiw    1Albuquerque NM9 Feb
2020  18.99Aiw    1Albuquerque NM14 Feb
2021  18.34iw    4Karlsruhe29 Jan
2022  20.21iw   =AR2Beograd18 Mar
2023  20.03iw    1New York NY11 Feb
Discus Throw
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2022  41.66iw   13Växjö/Ti12 Feb
Weight Throw
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  19.39iw   5Ames IA26 Feb
Hammer Throw
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  56.00w   2Tucson AZ9 Apr
Javelin Throw
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  44.89w   3Fayetteville AR23 Apr


Shot Put
WC 2019: 718.82 10q18.35
WC 2022: 120.49 10q18.96
Shot Put
WC 2022: 220.21


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Shot Put
Outdoor20.51    Eugene OR26 Jun 2022
Indoor20.21    =ARBeograd18 Mar 2022
Discus Throw
Indoor41.66    Växjö/Ti12 Feb 2022
Weight Throw
Indoor19.39    Ames IA26 Feb 2016
Hammer Throw
Outdoor56.00    Tucson AZ9 Apr 2016
Javelin Throw
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor44.89    Fayetteville AR23 Apr 2016


Shot Put, 10 best results (legal):
20.51   1Eugene OR26 Jun 2022
20.49   1Eugene OR16 Jul 2022
20.48   1Stockholm/S30 Jun 2022
20.38   1Chorzów6 Aug 2022
20.21i  2Beograd18 Mar 2022
20.19   1Zürich7 Sep 2022
20.13   1Oslo16 Jun 2022
20.08   1York29 Aug 2022
20.03i  1New York NY11 Feb 2023
19.98   1Hengelo6 Jun 2022
Average: 20.248

Total results in db: 157

By event:

Shot Put:144
Discus Throw:1
Weight Throw:6
Hammer Throw:4
Javelin Throw:2

IN 2023

position in the world list in brackets following the season's best,
junior list position in green and youth list position in orange.
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Shot Put
6RheinstettenRheinstetten27 Jan 
  X 18.61 SB X X X X
1RIGReykjavikRIG, Reykjavik5 Feb 
  X X 17.90 X X X
WL SB (1)
1MillroseNew York NYMillrose, New York NY11 Feb 
  X 19.49 SB 20.03 WL SB X 19.48 19.30
1NCAlbuquerque NMNC, Albuquerque NM18 Feb 
  19.54 X 18.80 19.73 19.14 19.87
2MadridMadrid22 Feb 
  X 18.35 18.82 X 19.52 19.64


2015OutdoorShot Put5717.39
2015IndoorShot Put6016.71
2016OutdoorShot Put2218.46
2016IndoorShot Put3917.63
2016IndoorWeight Throw7819.39
2017OutdoorShot Put4617.79
2017IndoorShot Put2917.60A
2018OutdoorShot Put4417.78
2018IndoorShot Put3117.57A
2019OutdoorShot Put219.68
2019IndoorShot Put718.84A
2020OutdoorShot Put319.41
2020IndoorShot Put218.99A
2021OutdoorShot Put819.45
2021IndoorShot Put1818.34
2022OutdoorShot Put120.51
2022IndoorShot Put220.21
2023IndoorShot Put120.03


Significant winstreaks Shot Put
(at least 5 finals):
Winstreak 1: 11 (finals) 28 Apr 2022 -> 7 Sep 2022 Show/hide
Winstreak 2: 9 (finals) 26 Jan 2019 -> 18 May 2019 Show/hide