Anton Radko UKR   
Date of birth: 2 June 95
Age: 28 years 7 days
Club/team: Сумська
10km Race Walk World Alltime no. 1709 43:42 Podébrady 12 Apr 2014
10,000m Race Walk World Alltime no. 769 41:55.29 Lutsk 25 Jun 2022
5000m Race Walk World Indoor Alltime no. 191 19:36.92 Kyiv 28 Jan 2023


Personal bests in BOLD.

5000m Race Walk
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2018  21:46.69iw    9Sumy27 Jan
2020  20:27.60iw    3Sumy19 Jan
2023  19:36.92iw   4Kyiv28 Jan
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2014  44:50.73w    4-19Kyiv13 Jun
2015  45:20.15w    Kharkiv13 May
2022  41:55.29w   4Lutsk25 Jun
10km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2014  43:42w   7-19Podébrady12 Apr
20km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  1:34:06w    Ivano-Frankivsk14 Mar
2016  1:31:27w    5-22Sumy11 Jun
2018  1:29:54w    8Sumy16 Jun
2019  1:28:54w    8Sumy16 Jun
2020  1:26:07w   10Antalya16 Feb
35km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2018  2:58:32w    7Lutsk11 Mar
2019  2:41:13w    5Ivano-Frankivsk23 Mar
2020  2:37:38w    2Ivano-Frankivsk14 Mar
2021  2:36:21w   1Lutsk20 Mar
2022  2:36:45w    2Ivano-Frankivsk15 Oct
2023  2:42:02w    21Podébrady21 May
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2023  2:38:01iw   2Lutsk25 Mar
50km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  4:26:38w    11Ivano-Frankivsk18 Oct
2016  4:17:35w    8Ivano-Frankivsk16 Oct
2017  4:11:41w    5Ivano-Frankivsk15 Oct
2018  4:04:53w    4Ivano-Frankivsk20 Oct
2019  3:56:36w    2Ivano-Frankivsk19 Oct
2020  3:53:29w   3Ivano-Frankivsk18 Oct
2021  4:06:41w    22Podébrady16 May


10km Race Walk
WCp 2014: 26-1944:46
35km Race Walk
EC 2022: 152:43:10
ETC 2023: 212:42:02
50km Race Walk
ETC 2021: 224:06:41


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5000m Race Walk
Indoor19:36.92    Kyiv28 Jan 2023
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor41:55.29    Lutsk25 Jun 2022
10km Race Walk
Outdoor43:42    Podébrady12 Apr 2014
20km Race Walk
Outdoor1:26:07    Antalya16 Feb 2020
35km Race Walk
Outdoor2:36:21    Lutsk20 Mar 2021
Indoor2:38:01    Lutsk25 Mar 2023
50km Race Walk
Outdoor3:53:29    Ivano-Frankivsk18 Oct 2020

Total results in db: 33

By event:

5000m Race Walk:4
10,000m Race Walk:4
10km Race Walk:3
20km Race Walk:6
35km Race Walk:9
50km Race Walk:7

IN 2023

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5000m Race Walk
PB (11)
4KyivKyiv28 Jan 
35km Race Walk
2NC-wLutskNC-w, Lutsk25 Mar 
SB (110)
21ETCPodébradyETC, Podébrady21 May 


2018Outdoor50km Race Walk894:04:53
2019Outdoor35km Race Walk112:41:13
2019Outdoor50km Race Walk673:56:36
2020Outdoor35km Race Walk132:37:38
2020Outdoor50km Race Walk133:53:29
2020Indoor5000m Race Walk4120:27.60
2021Outdoor35km Race Walk142:36:21
2021Outdoor50km Race Walk1004:06:41
2022Outdoor35km Race Walk942:36:45
2023Indoor5000m Race Walk1119:36.92