David Kuster FRA   
Date of birth: 25 March 99
Age: 24 years 76 days
Club/team: Efs Reims A. *
3000m Race Walk World Alltime no. 147 11:50.19 Angers 9 Sep 2017
5000m Race Walk World Alltime no. 169 19:32.11 Capavenir Vosges 12 Jul 2020
10km Race Walk World Alltime no. 469 41:02 Taicang 5 May 2018
10,000m Race Walk World Alltime no. 261 40:10.0h Montreux 19 Jul 2020
5000m Race Walk World Indoor Alltime no. 177 19:34.14 Liévin 22 Dec 2018


Personal bests in BOLD.

3000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2017  11:50.19w   3Angers9 Sep
5000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  21:18.45w    8Tomblaine14 Jun
2017  20:13.49w    1-19Vénissieux15 Oct
2019  19:50.22w    1Reims28 Apr
2020  19:32.11w   1Capavenir Vosges12 Jul
2023  21:11.07w    1Dijon21 May
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2017  20:11.20iw   NU20R 2-19Halle4 Mar
2018  19:41.46iw   NU20R 1-19Nantes3 Mar
2019  19:34.14iw   NU20R1Liévin22 Dec
2020  19:39.27iw    1Reims19 Jan
2021  20:07.49iw    2Miramas19 Feb
2022  19:45.88iw    HcVittel8 Jan
2023  20:09.98iw    2Vittel28 Jan
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  42:21.9hw    Saran2 Oct
2017  42:20.0hw    Saran22 Oct
2018  43:24.29w    18-19Tampere14 Jul
2019  44:03.0hw    1-22Saran6 Oct
2020  40:10.0hw   1Montreux19 Jul
2021  41:28.68w    4Angers27 Jun
10km Race Walk
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2016  43:42w    29-19Roma7 May
2017  41:31w    2-19Podébrady8 Apr
2018  41:02w   NU20R7-19Taicang5 May
2020  42:01w    2Albi13 Sep
20km Race Walk
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2019  1:24:01w   Naumburg13 Apr
2021  1:24:43w    15Dudince20 Mar
2023  1:30:40w    21Rio Maior6 May
35km Race Walk
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2022  2:46:21w   6Dublin18 Dec
2023  2:49:21w    4Aix-les-Bains12 Mar
50km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2019  4:19:44w    2Balma27 Oct
2020  4:01:24w   NU23R1Tilburg4 Oct


10,000m Race Walk
EY 2016: 3-1745:42.09
EJ 2017: 5-1944:51.82
WJ 2018: 18-1943:24.29
10km Race Walk
WTC 2016: 29-1943:42
ECp 2017: 5-1942:02
WTC 2018: 7-1941:02
20km Race Walk
EJ 2019: 16-221:30:06
EJ 2021: -22DQ
ETC 2021: 321:27:21


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3000m Race Walk
Outdoor11:50.19    Angers9 Sep 2017
5000m Race Walk
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor19:32.11    Capavenir Vosges12 Jul 2020
Indoor19:34.14    NU20RLiévin22 Dec 2018
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor40:10.0h    Montreux19 Jul 2020
10km Race Walk
Outdoor41:02    NU20RTaicang5 May 2018
20km Race Walk
Outdoor1:24:01    Naumburg13 Apr 2019
35km Race Walk
Outdoor2:46:21    Dublin18 Dec 2022
50km Race Walk
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor4:01:24    NU23RTilburg4 Oct 2020


5000m Race Walk, 10 best results (legal):
19:32.11   1Capavenir Vosges12 Jul 2020
19:34.14i  1Liévin22 Dec 2018
19:39.27i  1Reims19 Jan 2020
19:41.46i  1-19Nantes3 Mar 2018
19:45.88i  HcVittel8 Jan 2022
19:46.73i  3Liévin18 Feb 2018
19:48.60i  1Nogent-sur-Oise17 Dec 2017
19:48.64i  2-22Rennes2 Feb 2019
19:50.22   1Reims28 Apr 2019
19:53.92i  1Vittel4 Jan 2020
Average: 19:44.097

Total results in db: 57

By event:

3000m Race Walk:1
5000m Race Walk:27
10,000m Race Walk:9
10km Race Walk:6
20km Race Walk:10
35km Race Walk:2
50km Race Walk:2

IN 2023

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5000m Race Walk
SB (19)
2VittelVittel28 Jan 
3NC-jVal-de-ReuilNC-j, Val-de-Reuil11 Feb 
1DijonDijon21 May 
20km Race Walk
SB (391)
21Rio MaiorRio Maior6 May 
AlytusAlytus9 Jun 
35km Race Walk
SB (157)
4NCAix-les-BainsNC, Aix-les-Bains12 Mar 


2017Outdoor3000m Race Walk1411:50.19
2017Outdoor5000m Race Walk3720:13.49
2017Outdoor10km Race Walk7041:31
2017Indoor5000m Race Walk3720:11.20
2018Outdoor10km Race Walk3041:02
2018Indoor5000m Race Walk1519:41.46
2019Outdoor5000m Race Walk2119:50.22
2019Indoor5000m Race Walk1419:34.14
2020Outdoor5000m Race Walk2019:32.11
2020Outdoor10,000m Race Walk1640:10.0h
2020Outdoor50km Race Walk304:01:24
2020Indoor5000m Race Walk1719:39.27
2021Outdoor10,000m Race Walk7341:28.68
2021Indoor5000m Race Walk2320:07.49
2022Indoor5000m Race Walk1019:45.88
2023Indoor5000m Race Walk1920:09.98