Vasiliy Mizinov RUS   
Date of birth: 29 December 97
Age: 25 years 274 days
Name in Russian: Мизинов Василий
20km Race Walk World Championships Silver Medallist 2019
20km Race Walk European Bronze Medallist 2018
20km Race Walk European U23 Champion 2019
5 National Titles
20km Race Walk World Alltime no. 27 1:17:47 Sochi 31 Jan 2022
10,000m Race Walk World Indoor Alltime no. 9 39:13.5h Saransk 24 Sep 2023
10km Race Walk World Alltime no. 7 38:00 Voronovo 23 Aug 2020
5000m Race Walk World Indoor Alltime no. 17 18:28.5h Chelyabinsk 6 Jan 2019
5km Race Walk World Alltime no. 4 18:37 Voronovo 24 Aug 2019
10,000m Race Walk World Alltime no. 15 38:14.24 Cheboksary 2 Aug 2022


Personal bests in BOLD.

5000m Race Walk
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  18:51.9hiw   WU20R 1-19Chelyabinsk6 Jan
2019  18:28.5hiw   1Chelyabinsk6 Jan
2020  19:20.4hiw    1Chelyabinsk6 Jan
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  41:12.68w    1-19Cheboksary13 Jun
2016  38:58.21w    1-19Cheboksary25 Jun
2022  38:14.24w   NR1Cheboksary2 Aug
2023  38:28.63w    1Chelyabinsk3 Aug
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2023  39:13.5hiw   2Saransk24 Sep
5km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2018  19:22w    1Simnas9 Jun
2019  18:37w   1Voronovo24 Aug
10km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  41:57w    6-19Murcia17 May
2016  39:59w    1-19Kostroma3 Sep
2020  38:00w   =WR1Voronovo23 Aug
2021  38:10w    1Voronovskoye3 May
2022  39:08w    1Voronovo2 May
2023  38:03w    1Voronovo30 Apr
12km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2018  48:16w   10r2Suzhou26 Sep
20km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2017  1:21:48w    2Cheboksary10 Jun
2018  1:18:54w    2Sochi19 Feb
2019  1:18:32w    1Sochi18 Feb
2020  1:19:09w    1Voronovo5 Sep
2021  1:18:45w    1Sochi19 Feb
2022  1:17:47w   1Sochi31 Jan
2023  1:19:02w    1Saransk20 May


10,000m Race Walk
EJ 2015: -19DQ
10km Race Walk
ECp 2015: 6-1941:57
20km Race Walk
EC 2018: 31:20:50
WTC 2018: 161:23:56
ECp 2019: 21:20:18
EJ 2019: 1-221:21:29
WC 2019: 21:26:49
OG 2021: DQ


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5000m Race Walk
Winstreak: 3 (finals)  Show/hide   
Indoor18:28.5h    Chelyabinsk6 Jan 2019
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor38:14.24    NRCheboksary2 Aug 2022
Indoor39:13.5h    Saransk24 Sep 2023
5km Race Walk
Winstreak: 2 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor18:37    Voronovo24 Aug 2019
10km Race Walk
Winstreak: 5 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor38:00    =WRVoronovo23 Aug 2020
12km Race Walk
Outdoor48:16    Suzhou26 Sep 2018
20km Race Walk
Winstreak: 5 (finals)  Show/hide   
races under 1:20:00: 8   
Outdoor1:17:47    Sochi31 Jan 2022


20km Race Walk, 10 best results (legal):
1:17:47   1Sochi31 Jan 2022
1:18:32   1Sochi18 Feb 2019
1:18:41   5La Coruña8 Jun 2019
1:18:41   1Cheboksary21 May 2022
1:18:45   1Sochi19 Feb 2021
1:18:54   2Sochi19 Feb 2018
1:19:02   1Saransk20 May 2023
1:19:09   1Voronovo5 Sep 2020
1:20:14   1Podébrady6 Apr 2019
1:20:16   1Chelyabinsk27 Aug 2022
Average: 1:19:00.10000000000036

Total results in db: 44

By event:

5000m Race Walk:3
10,000m Race Walk:9
5km Race Walk:2
10km Race Walk:6
12km Race Walk:2
20km Race Walk:22

IN 2023

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10,000m Race Walk
3ChelyabinskChelyabinsk8 Jul 
SB (2)
1NCChelyabinskNC, Chelyabinsk3 Aug 
PB (3)
2SaranskSaransk24 Sep 
10km Race Walk
WL SB (1)
1VoronovoVoronovo30 Apr 
20km Race Walk
1SochiSochi13 Feb 
SB (15)
1NCSaranskNC, Saransk20 May 


2015Outdoor10,000m Race Walk5341:12.68
2015Outdoor10km Race Walk9641:57
2016Outdoor10,000m Race Walk738:58.21
2016Outdoor10km Race Walk439:59
2016Indoor5000m Race Walk418:51.9h
2017Outdoor20km Race Walk651:21:48
2018Outdoor20km Race Walk51:18:54
2019Outdoor20km Race Walk91:18:32
2019Indoor5000m Race Walk118:28.5h
2020Outdoor10km Race Walk138:00
2020Outdoor20km Race Walk61:19:09
2020Indoor5000m Race Walk919:20.4h
2021Outdoor10km Race Walk138:10
2021Outdoor20km Race Walk111:18:45
2022Outdoor10,000m Race Walk238:14.24
2022Outdoor10km Race Walk339:08
2022Outdoor20km Race Walk11:17:47
2023Outdoor10,000m Race Walk238:28.63
2023Outdoor10km Race Walk138:03
2023Outdoor20km Race Walk151:19:02
2023Indoor10,000m Race Walk339:13.5h