Emmanuel Corvera USA   
Date of birth: 25 March 93
Age: 31 years 31 days
Club/team: NYAC
1 National Title
3000m Race Walk World Indoor Alltime no. 81 11:49.25 Staten Island NY 23 Feb 2019
10,000m Race Walk World Alltime no. 1082 42:31.77 San Diego CA 2 Jan 2016


Personal bests in BOLD.

Mile Race Walk
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2018  6:06.33iw    2New York NY3 Feb
2019  6:09.87iw    2New York NY9 Feb
3000m Race Walk
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2016  12:09.75iw    4Portland OR12 Mar
2018  12:02.56iw    2New Haven CT4 Feb
2019  11:49.25iw    2Staten Island NY23 Feb
2020  12:10.29Aiw    3Albuquerque NM14 Feb
2022  12:09.62iw    4New York NY29 Jan
2023  12:50.49Aiw    3Albuquerque NM16 Feb
2024  12:47.14Aiw    2Albuquerque NM16 Feb
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  44:13.05w    2Chula Vista CA13 Jun
2016  42:31.77w    5San Diego CA2 Jan
2019  43:10.87w    2Des Moines IA28 Jul
2021  42:40.21w    2Chula Vista CA29 May
20,000m Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2014  1:31:30.86w    2-22Kamloops10 Aug
2018  1:27:47.13w    2Des Moines IA21 Jun
2023  1:31:31.53w    2Eugene OR8 Jul
2024  1:30:55.0hw    1El Cajon CA17 Mar
20km Race Walk
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  1:31:51w    2Santee CA22 Nov
2016  1:28:58w    1Santee CA21 Feb
2017  1:26:43w    1Sacramento CA25 Jun
2018  1:28:05w    42Taicang6 May
2019  1:30:29w    27Lazaro Cardenas20 Apr
2020  1:26:35w    1Santee CA25 Jan
2021  1:28:09w    3Philadelphia PA11 Apr
2022  1:32:13w    5Hauppauge NY24 Apr
2023  1:36:21w    14Santiago de Chile29 Oct
Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2024  3:24.00w    57Antalya21 Apr


20km Race Walk
WTC 2016: 861:29:56
WTC 2018: 421:28:05
PAG 2023: 141:36:21
Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay
WTC 2024: 573:24.00


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Mile Race Walk
Indoor6:06.33    New York NY3 Feb 2018
3000m Race Walk
Indoor11:49.25    Staten Island NY23 Feb 2019
10,000m Race Walk
Outdoor42:31.77    San Diego CA2 Jan 2016
20,000m Race Walk
Winstreak: 1 (finals)  Show/hide   
Outdoor1:27:47.13    Des Moines IA21 Jun 2018
20km Race Walk
Outdoor1:26:35    Santee CA25 Jan 2020


20km Race Walk, 10 best results (legal):
1:26:35   1Santee CA25 Jan 2020
1:26:43   1Sacramento CA25 Jun 2017
1:26:58   17Lima13 May 2017
1:28:04   4Philadelphia PA2 Apr 2017
1:28:05   42Taicang6 May 2018
1:28:09   3Philadelphia PA11 Apr 2021
1:28:58   1Santee CA21 Feb 2016
1:29:07   2St. Louis MO3 Apr 2016
1:29:56   86Roma7 May 2016
1:30:29   27Lazaro Cardenas20 Apr 2019
Average: 1:28:18.4

Total results in db: 44

By event:

Mile Race Walk:2
3000m Race Walk:8
10,000m Race Walk:4
20,000m Race Walk:5
20km Race Walk:21
35km Race Walk:2
Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay:2

IN 2024

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3000m Race Walk
SB (30)
2NCAlbuquerque NMNC, Albuquerque NM16 Feb 
20,000m Race Walk
SB (10)
1El Cajon CAEl Cajon CA17 Mar 
Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay
2Santee CASantee CA21 Jan 
 United States
57WTCAntalyaWTC, Antalya21 Apr 
 United States


2014Outdoor20,000m Race Walk311:31:30.86
2016Indoor3000m Race Walk1112:09.75
2018Outdoor20,000m Race Walk151:27:47.13
2018Indoor3000m Race Walk1612:02.56
2019Indoor3000m Race Walk711:49.25
2020Indoor3000m Race Walk1012:10.29A
2022Indoor3000m Race Walk712:09.62
2023Outdoor20,000m Race Walk501:31:31.53
2023Indoor3000m Race Walk2612:50.49A
2024Outdoor20,000m Race Walk101:30:55.0h
2024Indoor3000m Race Walk3012:47.14A