Daniel Haugh USA   
Date of birth: 3 May 95
Age: 27 years 326 days
Hammer Throw 8th at World Championships 2022
Hammer Throw Olympic finalist 2021
Hammer Throw NCAA Champion 2019
3 National Titles
Discus Throw World Alltime no. 1164 59.53 Tuscaloosa AL 14 May 2016
Weight Throw World Indoor Alltime no. 4 25.44A Albuquerque NM 17 Feb 2023
Hammer Throw World Alltime no. 102 80.18 Eugene OR 25 Jun 2022


Personal bests in BOLD.

Shot Put
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2020  14.92w   6Marietta GA18 Jul
Discus Throw (1.6kg)
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2014  62.20w   1-19Marietta GA1 Jun
Discus Throw (1.75kg)
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2014  57.32w   5-19Eugene OR5 Jul
Discus Throw
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2014  51.75w    10Tucson AZ24 May
2015  56.46w    3Baton Rouge LA2 May
2016  59.53w   1Tuscaloosa AL14 May
2017  57.86w    2Westwood CA15 Apr
2018  56.98w    3Auburn AL21 Apr
2019  56.77w    1Jacksonville FL11 May
Weight Throw (9.08kg)
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2014  23.90iw   1-HSJohnson City TN18 Jan
Weight Throw
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2015  20.90iw    3Lexington KY27 Feb
2016  20.86iw    3Birmingham AL22 Jan
2017  23.06iw    1Nashville TN25 Feb
2018  22.83iw    4College Station TX10 Mar
2019  24.12iw    1Staten Island NY22 Feb
2020  25.04Aiw    2Albuquerque NM14 Feb
2021  24.21iw    2Blacksburg VA19 Feb
2022  24.93iw    1Nashville TN11 Feb
2023  25.44Aiw   1Albuquerque NM17 Feb
Hammer Throw (5.44kg)
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2014  71.00w   1-19Marietta GA8 Jun
Hammer Throw (6kg)
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2013  66.53w    1-19Marietta GA26 May
2014  68.58w   1-19Marietta GA8 Jun
Hammer Throw
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2014  67.49w    5Tucson AZ22 May
2015  60.33w    1Auburn AL17 Apr
2016  66.84w    2Auburn AL22 Apr
2017  67.33w    1Tuscaloosa AL7 Apr
2018  73.50w    1Baton Rouge LA28 Apr
2019  76.44w    3Des Moines IA26 Jul
2020  76.22w    1Marietta GA18 Jul
2021  79.39w    2Eugene OR20 Jun
2022  80.18w   1Eugene OR25 Jun


Hammer Throw
WC 2019: 24q72.85
OG 2021: 1176.22 12q75.73
WC 2022: 878.10 2q79.34


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Shot Put
Outdoor14.92    Marietta GA18 Jul 2020
Discus Throw (1.6kg)
Outdoor62.20    Marietta GA1 Jun 2014
Discus Throw (1.75kg)
Outdoor57.32    Eugene OR5 Jul 2014
Discus Throw
Outdoor59.53    Tuscaloosa AL14 May 2016
Weight Throw (9.08kg)
Winstreak: 2 (finals)  Show/hide   
Indoor23.90    Johnson City TN18 Jan 2014
Weight Throw
Winstreak: 2 (finals)  Show/hide   
Indoor25.44A    Albuquerque NM17 Feb 2023
Hammer Throw (5.44kg)
Outdoor71.00    Marietta GA8 Jun 2014
Hammer Throw (6kg)
Outdoor68.58    Marietta GA8 Jun 2014
Hammer Throw
   competitions over 80m: 1   
Outdoor80.18    Eugene OR25 Jun 2022


Hammer Throw, 10 best results (legal):
80.18   1Eugene OR25 Jun 2022
79.44   1Bowling Green KY3 Jun 2022
79.39   2Eugene OR20 Jun 2021
79.34   2qEugene OR15 Jul 2022
79.03   3Tucson AZ22 May 2021
78.61   1Tucson AZ20 May 2021
78.10   8Eugene OR16 Jul 2022
78.05   1Jacksonville FL30 Apr 2021
77.94   3Tucson AZ21 May 2022
77.76   1Tucson AZ19 May 2022
Average: 78.784

Weight Throw, 10 best results (legal):
25.44Ai  1Albuquerque NM17 Feb 2023
25.04Ai  2Albuquerque NM14 Feb 2020
24.93i  1Nashville TN11 Feb 2022
24.89i  1Nashville TN10 Feb 2023
24.79i  2Spokane WA27 Feb 2022
24.70i  1Columbia SC8 Feb 2020
24.33i  1Columbia SC18 Feb 2022
24.21i  2Blacksburg VA19 Feb 2021
24.12i  1Staten Island NY22 Feb 2019
24.06i  1Birmingham AL11 Jan 2019
Average: 24.651

Discus Throw, 10 best results (legal):
59.53   1Tuscaloosa AL14 May 2016
57.86   2Westwood CA15 Apr 2017
57.68   2Baton Rouge LA30 Apr 2016
57.08   5Columbia SC12 May 2017
56.98   3Auburn AL21 Apr 2018
56.77   1Jacksonville FL11 May 2019
56.74   4Knoxville TN13 May 2018
56.57   12qJacksonville FL27 May 2016
56.46   3Baton Rouge LA2 May 2015
56.28   3Baton Rouge LA9 Apr 2016
Average: 57.195

Total results in db: 148

By event:

Shot Put:1
Discus Throw (1.6kg):8
Discus Throw (1.75kg):1
Discus Throw:31
Weight Throw (9.08kg):2
Weight Throw:35
Hammer Throw (5.44kg):5
Hammer Throw (6kg):7
Hammer Throw:58

IN 2023

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Weight Throw
1Nashville TNNashville TN10 Feb 
  24.38 WL SB 24.76 WL SB 24.58 24.89 WL SB 24.79 24.79
WL PB (1)
1NCAlbuquerque NMNC, Albuquerque NM17 Feb 
  23.82 25.21 WL PB 25.44 WL PB 24.66 24.35 24.25


2013OutdoorHammer Throw (6kg)6366.53
2014OutdoorDiscus Throw (1.75kg)3157.32
2014OutdoorHammer Throw (6kg)5068.58
2015IndoorWeight Throw4320.90
2016IndoorWeight Throw4520.86
2017IndoorWeight Throw923.06
2018OutdoorHammer Throw5573.50
2018IndoorWeight Throw1122.83
2019OutdoorHammer Throw2476.44
2019IndoorWeight Throw124.12
2020OutdoorHammer Throw1976.22
2020IndoorWeight Throw225.04A
2021OutdoorHammer Throw779.39
2021IndoorWeight Throw424.21
2022OutdoorHammer Throw780.18
2022IndoorWeight Throw124.93
2023IndoorWeight Throw125.44A


Significant winstreaks Discus Throw (1.6kg) (at least 5 finals):
Winstreak 1: 8 (finals) 12 Apr 2014 -> 13 Jun 2014 Show/hide